About us

Dynamic Glass Products, LLC is a leading North American supplier of PDLCD switchable glass film.

PDLCD is the abbreviated term for a type of liquid crystal technology known as Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display. In its off-state (with no power applied), PDLCD film is opaque, with the molecules of liquid crystal droplets suspended in the polymer matrix to deflect light. The film may then be switched to become transparent in its on-state (with power applied), with the liquid crystal droplets aligning themselves to allow transmittance of light through the film.

PDLCD film can be adhered to glass surfaces or laminated inside of glass panels allowing significant control over light transmittance, display, privacy and temperature.

PDLCD film is sold in multiple market verticals and local sales and installation efforts will be required. As such, Dynamic Glass Products, Inc will partner with distributors in local markets to sell, install and support the product.

The PDLCD film is sold in to the commercial and residential construction markets, as well as the automotive, RV, ship building, retail, healthcare and entertainment markets. It is highly suitable for retro-fit applications and for new construction. The product can be used for privacy screening, high definition digital display, minimizing solar heat gain, glare control, UV light blocking, and increasing the energy efficiency of buildings.